A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

DSP is a fast-paced 2D racing platformer.

Scores are uploaded to a central high score list that you can view at http://dsp.ilexiris.net/

Q: Can I use my controller?
A: Most likely. I've tried many controllers and have not encountered any problems. You'll have to configure it before you use it, though. Go to Options > Configure controls.

Q: Why is the Windows package about ten times the size of the Linux package?
A: I've had some trouble getting Vorbis to play properly under Windows. The Windows package contains Wave files at the moment. With Wave being a non-compressed format, the file size is pretty brutal.

Q: You're running real fast in the promo video. How can I go that fast?
A: The superspeed mechanics are a bit fuzzy. I've found it pretty difficult to explain them to people. Allow me to try. If you release the forward button when in the air, you'll notice that you keep your momentum. When pressing the jump button again when hitting the ground, you'll add a bit of velocity to your movement - but only if all other buttons are released. Pressing forward limits your speed to your maximum ground speed even if you're mid-air. Makes sense?


dsp-0.12.0.tar.xz (1 MB)
dsp-0.12.0.zip (20 MB)

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